Matthew Robertson is creator of Momentum Journey, a high end, boutique firm specializing in luxury adventure travel. He normally gets on the road not taken, or hardly ever taken by others. His company is a representation of himself, a person whose feeling of adventure entails seeing and also experiencing remote panoramas in remarkable means. We recently interviewed him as his firm is concerning the UNITED STATE, and will certainly be released this month.

 Pursuitist: I wonder concerning your individual feeling of journey, as well as of expedition. The words adventure travel frequently confuse the real significance of these kinds of experiences, which could be fairly elegant. What led you to this area in your life now, and also exactly how has your very own traveling feeling played right into exactly what Energy Adventure has ended up being?

Matthew: As a youngster, my papa and uncle would certainly take me into the Scottish Highlands to climb up, explore, and also dissolve right into the wilderness. I discovered those times to be some of the most exciting in my life. Those experiences have actually had a profound influence in the method I live. I think the essence of those very early days quite establish me on the course I’m on today. The similar wonderment, expectancy and exhilaration – the way it made me really feel in the past remakes itself right into every journey that I develop in today.

Pursuitist: Momentum Adventure takes a trip to uncommon areas– do you choose these trips or does the client?


 Matthew: I don’t assume I have ever before had a client that understood exactly what they intended to do. They felt in one’s bones they wanted to do something various as well as memorable.

Pursuitist: What is the procedure whereby you plan these amazing experiences?

Matthew: As a client talks to me, my mind undergoes all the areas and also choices. From there, I organically begin to form the trip of a life time for them. This process is what makes me happily bounce right into job everyday. The world is fairly essentially our play ground. My business gets to develop the utmost distinct experiences for our clients.

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Pursuitist: Tell us concerning your established guides and staff.

Matthew: I have taken a trip all over the globe and been to some quite remarkable places. Throughout these journeys, I have had the opportunity to function together with some truly amazing guides. They all have amazing stories of taking the road less traveled. I always remained in touch with all of them when I launched Momentum Journey, I invited them ahead aboard. It’s a certain sort of individual that chooses a career in the outdoors, as well as I believe it is due to the fact that we understand the pleasures it could bring. I like to believe that Momentum is a household of enthusiastic, outdoors-motivated, and also very skilled people.

Pursuitist: Generally speaking, just how long are these trips, just what is the price variety per individual, and also how much time beforehand does an interested possible vacationer have to call your company?


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Matthew: Our trips run anywhere from a weekend break, week, weeks, even months. Costs are oriented towards the discerning vacationer. People with exacting taste that require a bespoke and authentic unique experience. Our rates correspond to this high level of service. Prices generally start at $20,000 each, yet it isn’t uncommon for experiences to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each tourist. Advanced reservations are an uncommon high-end for us that we don’t normally come across. Our clients typically call as well as desire to leave for across the world within a month, which is quite little notice. Just today, we had two days discover from a customer for a lavish trip. We made it happen. I really feel that Energy Journey is tiny enough to care and big sufficient to deliver.

 Pursuitist: Considering that your launch in 2005, what area of the globe has been most shocking to you, and to your team? When I state unusual, I indicate the most unexpected and also wonderful.


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Matthew: That is a truly challenging inquiry as there have actually been a lot of remarkable journeys. Iceland is verifying to be really prominent with our customers now. It gives practical access, however is literally like stepping into one more world. Morocco as well as the high Atlas Mountains are merely sensational. Antarctica and the Arctic Circle are very effective. The silence is ideal, necessary, lyrical, as well as the landscape is as pure as it is magical. Individuals usually don’t recognize the continuous barrage of noise and also clutter in their every day lives up until they take a trip with us. I took my 10-year-old little girl to the Arctic in 2014. It made such an impact on her that she created a paper on the trip for college. She obtained an A. I believe adventuring runs in the family.

How do you combine luxury with adventure?

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Matthew: Every little thing has to stream effortlessly. When traveling to these locations, convenience and timing are vital. The little things matter the most in this experience. Coupling high-end with journey is a delicate craft. Discovering where adventure and luxury intersect is a scientific research, which is where we definitely radiate. It appears simple, however our team constantly pays attention meticulously to the customers’ desires and needs. Once we personally interview clients, we best the path, holiday accommodation, overview, and mode of transport. Some customers take pleasure in exclusive air travel. For others, it is traveling with a master overview, as well as appreciating the easy enjoyments. Adventure, similar to deluxe, has various psychological dimensions for various people.


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Pursuitist: When individuals speak about adventure, many believe it involves the severe, but journey is a nuanced concept, various with everyone. Just how does Energy Adventure deal with clients making certain each journey specifies their concepts of both journey and luxury?

Matthew: Again, the key is to actually hear the customer. The pleasure in running a bespoke service like Energy Experience is that we are not ruled by volume. We take care of quality, not amount. One has to join and after that UNDERSTAND the customer’s journey as well as high-end desires before we know ways to surpass them.

Pursuitist: Exactly what was the first trip you ever took place that made a perception on you? Just what was the very first tour that you recognized you wished to discovered Momentum Adventure?


Matthew: Most definitely climbing with my daddy in the Scottish Highlands. The true stimulant that actually made me begin Momentum was sitting on a remote hill in the Himalayas. Keeping an eye out throughout the huge mountain varieties transformed my life. It was straightforward, honest, attractive, peaceful, and enchanting. A view, yet just what a sight. It was such a simple unabashed joy that it made my heart sing. I had actually never ever been so content as because minute. I recognized best then that recreating that sensation and also bringing it to others was it for me – my mission and also vision combined.

Pursuitist: You handle mind-blowing, life altering experiences. How and why do you assume this sort of traveling so considerably transforms a person?

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Matthew: Ultimately, we find that the simple enjoyments offer our customers the most delight. There is something primitive concerning these places that stimulates contentment and happiness. These are priceless sentiments. Many times, the appropriate journey can completely recalibrate one’s perspective of the globe. We bring customers to areas they have actually never ever experienced, rare locations where the mind could be unconfined and also complimentary. We desire people traveling with us to really feel exhilarated, absolutely active once again. We bring our travelers to that place and also Mom Nature does the rest.

Pursuitist: Just what alters, if any will certainly be in shop for Momentum Adventure in the near and distant future?

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 Matthew: We are launching in North The U.S.A. this month, which I am actually thrilled around. I think we can supply a type of travel that isn’t really currently readily available in the United States, experiences that are special, genuine, and also above all, motivational. With a committed team with years of experience leading the globe, we look onward to making velvet-lined experiences a lot more available to North Americans.

Pursuitist: I am curious concerning your experience traveling to remote areas. I believe, directly, it is less complicated to removal away from civilization than to return? Last year, I remained in an ice hotel in Kirkenes Norway near the Arctic Circle in February. The cold and the peaceful were so purifying, and also so a lot a part of a human essence. Allow me know about your experiences of leaving and also returning.

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Matthew: I entirely concur. I frequently discover myself establishing up a hammock in the woods in our yard in England after a journey as well as fantasizing about the exceptional experience I have actually just had. Attractive things like that remain with you. Reviewing the experience when we return residence is one of the long lasting joys of traveling with us but it would be a lie if I really did not state I was also considering where we will certainly be gone to next!