It’s 2016, however some Americans still see trip attendants as sex objects, not paid specialists looking for respect.

An American Airlines fly, whose name has actually not been released, made headlines recently after he took down 25-year-old traveler, Michael Kerr. Kerr had actually been slurring his words, seemed inebriateded, and also had simply tossed a female flight assistant to the ground.

‘ Enough! You do not place your practical my steward!’ the fly says in the video.

The occurrence happened on July 21st, as the plane was making its means from Lexington, Kentucky, to Charlotte, North Carolina, although the video just went viral in the last 48 hours.

23-year-old Brian Colón, who is an assistant for Norwegian Airlines, was on the airplane at the time and recorded the case. Colón clarified to The News and Observer he had never seen anything such as this before:

” I was terrified. I was very frightened. I really felt like the flight assistant’s life was in danger, and also I felt like somebody else had to step in, the means he treated her,’ Colón informed The News and Observer.

After touchdown the aircraft, the pilot appeared to consult with Kerr. When Kerr pushed the attendant and afterwards intimidated to break the aviator’s jaw, the pilot held him down for near to 20 minutes up until authorities might arrive.

Kerr has actually given that been arresteded for attack, conflicting with the duties of the trip staff, and also public intoxication. He has actually been launched on $25,000 bail and is waiting to stand test. The air travel attendant is presently receiving physical therapy for injuries sustained by the attack.