Hong Kong is a compact, modern-day metropolis filled up with high as well as is a center for global service. In enhancement to its cosmopolitan panache, the city is greatly affected by Chinese society and also plays host to a number of vibrant and also flamboyant events all throughout the year.

1. Chinese New Year


To start any kind of year, Hong Kong places on a stunning display screen for Chinese New Year. Coinciding with the Lunar New Year, the event generally drops someplace between late January and very early February. Undoubtedly the greatest event of the year, everybody gets associated with the celebrations.

Retail stores use huge sales in the days preceeding the holiday, making it the very best time to go shopping in the city. As a custom, children obtain red packets from senior citizens full of loan, candy, and also various other deals with. The objective of the vacation is to prevent bad spirits at the beginning of a brand-new year, and the city commemorates this with an unbelievable ceremony and fireworks reveal that is among one of the most spectacular in the world.

2. Spring Lantern Festival

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Known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, Hong Kong shines with red lights scattered throughout community. The vacation stemmed several hundred years ago to honor Buddha and also was among minority days when girls and girls were permitted to easily stroll around community. Therefore, it came to be referred to as a day when young pairs might fulfill for the very first time, and ended up being informally referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Together with the red lanterns, Hong Kong places on a carnival and dining establishments around the city market rice balls – the conventional food of the holiday.

3. Dragon Boat Festival


The height of the summer is noted by one of Hong Kong’s more modern-feeling festivals. The Dragon Watercraft Event combines numerous dragon watercraft teams from around the globe, that race in the largest occasion of its kind. The week-long event draws in an incredible 400,000 viewers annually, and handles a decidedly party-going environment. Along with the races, visitors could defeat the heat by sampling beers at the nearby beer festival.

4. Seven Sisters Festival

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The second Chinese Valentine’s Day of the year, the Seven Sis Event is based on a story from Chinese mythology which declares that the celebrities Altair and also Vega are actually star-crossed lovers. On 7 Sisters, the fans have the ability to rejoin thanks to magpies who connect the gap in between them.

In Hong Kong, the city burns incense to note the occasion as well as many young females make offerings to Altair and Vega. Young couples normally head to Enthusiast’s Rock on Hong Kong Island to celebrate the holiday.

5. Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival


Traditionally a harvest celebration, the Mid-Autumn Event is just one of the most significant events of the year in the city. The highlight of the event is the Tai Hang Fire Dance, which consists of a 67-metre lengthy dragon that dances and twirls its way with the streets of Hong Kong over 3 days. Food is also among the rewards of the vacation, and is just one of the ideal times of the year to sample the large range of dishes supplied by Chinese cuisine.