C’est Si Bon! 

Liberté, égalité, Patisserie! While that could not be the official slogan for the most stunning nation on the planet, it’s just what you’ll be saying after you’ve tasted one of the most scrumptious breads, and also discovered a few of the most magnificent cities as well as quaint rural towns in France.

Paris is obviously the desire destination for a lot of romantically-minded tourists, with its picture-perfect scenes of the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, lastly seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, whiliing away an afternoon at a coffee shop, roaming along the banks of the Seine, and probably, just possibly, delighting in a mille feuille or 2. Or three. However do not limit yourself to just the City of Light when you check out France. There are amazing tiny communities and villages to discover too, loaded with appeal as well as history.

The finest method to accessibility and also check out these towns is by river cruise ship. While the larger cities like Paris and Bordeaux are a piece of gateaux to fly in and also out of, attempting to map out and also own to a few of the tiny French villages would be a substantial mal de tête. River Cruising is the only way to go. It’s the ideal equilibrium between those super-sized sea liners as well as a land hotel – other than this hotel drifts together with you, so you just have to unload when. And the food is incroyable. Just what can be better?

I recently cruised on the Bordeaux cruise ship via several of the most stunning villages in France, aboard AMAWaterways, with short land trips in Paris as well as the Loire Valley prior to as well as after the cruise ship. It was the ideal method to see both the widely known as well as not-so-well-known parts of lovely France. Here’s a few French traveling ideas and just what you’ll love in each city or town.

France Travel Tips: Good manners are still king below in France. Also if your accent is horrible, learning as well as using a couple of basic French phrases will be substantially valued. These expressions below were sufficient to obtain us where we required to go in a taxi, metro and also train. Parisian coffee shops typically aren’t as snooty as you may believe, just do not seat yourself, or begin removaling chairs without checking in with the waitstaff first.

Here’s a few simple phrases:

  • Bonjour, Madame and Bonjour, Monsieur: Unlike in the US, you must make eye contact and greet the shop proprietor when you go into a shop.
  • S’ il vous plait and Merci Beaucoup: Please and thanks will obtain you far.
  • Combien?: Exactly how much is the …?
  • Je voudrais …: I would certainly like …
  • Ou est le/la …: Where is the …?

Paris:Aahhh, Paris. What’s not to love? Yes, of program you have to see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Seine as well as Notre Dame. But I advise remembering those French expressions putting on your most sensible walking shoes to take on those cobblestone streets, as well as obtaining shed! Well, not truly lost, yet wandering the middle ages streets of Paris in the Latin Quarter, on the Ile de la Cite, or Montmartre is the very best way to discover concealed Paris. It’s incredible the number of little coffee shops, old bookstores, patisseries, boulangeries as well as unusual boutiques you’ll find.

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Bordeaux Region:This is the area of the country best explored by river cruise. The little communities we saw, like Pauillac, Cadillac, Libourne, Bourg and Blaye, each have an unique feeling and background, however would be a little complicated to attempt to get to by cars and truck. Exactly what you’ll enjoy: These medieval, and also some ancient, towns all feel like you’re going back in time. Most citizens do not speak English, and also of course, we really saw a couple of senior gents wearing berets. A few of the towns still have little bits of their medieval walls or gates undamaged, and the ones built up on a hill are interesting to explore as well as obtain lost in. Being a village loaded with tradition, if you visit on a Sunday, absolutely nothing will be open, and also you may not see a heart out on the roads. Sundays are still observed as a day of rest as well as for family members events, so windows and doors shutters will certainly be shut tight, yet you’ll listen to giggling inside. If you visit on a market day, you’ll be charmed by all the neighborhood farmers, bakers, sellers out there square. As well as oh the boules as well as baguettes. This is one French stereotype that is 100% real. The bread below is incredible, and of course, you will see the citizens strolling with their daily baguettes.

Bordeaux is a big city, so has an entirely various feel. Begin your journey at Place de la Bourse, the Parisian-looking wall surface of buildings dealing with the Garonne River, constructed in the late 18th century to hide the collapsing Middle ages towns behind it. The Gros Cloche is just one of minority staying little bits of the medieval wall surface. It’s called after the bell on the top (Gros Cloche equates to Big Bell), as well as near the bottom is the lancet-shaped entrance, that used to be the primary entry to the town. If you’re an art as well as style nut like me, you’ll additionally like the Opera Home, as well as the symbolic Monolith aux Girondins, overlooking the Area des Quinconces. Nearly as big as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, there’s Concorde, the goddess of France, with her 4 horses with webbed feet, signifying the power of the rivers.


Loire Valley: The land of fairytale castles. Literally. This is where Disney animators got their inspiration for ‘Beauty and also the Monster’ and also other movies. As well as it’s easy to see why. The Loire Valley is where French royalty constructed their castles during times of peace as well as success during the French Renaissance. We saw Château de Chambord, Château de Chenonceau, Chateau d’Amboise as well as others, each even more beautiful than the last. One of the most interesting is Estate du Clos Lucé, where Leonardo da Vinci lived his final years. He brought 3 work of arts right here, including the Mona Lisa. When you check out today, you’ll see 3-D designs of his inventions, like his flying device, an armed forces tank, and the parachute, all extracted from his countless sketches. The biggest as well as most stunning castle in the valley is Château de Chambord, with 440 spaces, 365 fireplaces, greater than 800 sculpted columns, as well as 84 stairs. Among those stairs is the famous dual helix stairs, with two different staircases that wind around each various other up 3 trips, without ever touching each other. Leonardo da Vinci is believed to be the developer. Climb up to the top, and march on to the balcony for a closer consider those sculpted columns. It’s incredible. Like a whole village of very carefully sculpted mini-castles, atop the large one. C’est magnifique!